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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Coffee Craziness

I just have to talk about my most recent encounter with someone who did something stupid. A few days ago I was at a coffee shop and I ordered an egg nog latte ('tis the season). I love egg nog and when I don't get it I get a little sad.

Order was paid for and maybe two or three other people were waiting for their drinks by the pick up area. One by one the drinks are called out. At last I hear the wonderful words, "tall egg nog latte"! I start to get my beloved drink when a man steps in and takes this drink. He was in front of us in the line so maybe he ordered the same drink. He sat down at a table not too far from that drink pick up area.

Another drink came out and then one more after that. "Tall non-fat 190 degree egg nog latte!" The barista had called out the drink but no one was claiming it. My friend that was with us noticed this and told the barista that it belonged to the man who took my drink.

So the barista yelled out the drink again in the direction of where the man was sitting. He half turned around in his chair for a second and then turned back to the conversation at his table. Thankfully the barista was able to make me a new drink!

In thinking about the whole situation I have so many questions I would love to ask that man. First of all, if you're such a coffee snob ordering a drink with more syllables than the Declaration of Independence, don't you think you could taste the difference between your drink and one that didn't have all the specifications your drink has?

What about this: if you know you have the wrong drink, why not be a man and fess up? I guess your 14-syllable drink wasn't that important to you after all!

It's a classic case of acting before thinking. You do something and after some thought you realize you did something wrong. If people would take their mind off autopilot once in a while and use their brain then people would be more inclined to make better decisions.

To that man at the coffee shop: I hope you enjoyed your fattening cold coffee!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Check out

At the checkout line there is a small writing surface for you to use to write checks, maybe set your wallet on it to search for money or a place to count out your money. There is another place in the check out line that people tend to use to count out their money. It's the conveyor belt where you put your purchases.

Although to some it may seem like a brilliant idea, to others it's seen as a really bad idea. I believe these are the people who are, shall we say, very in the moment. They don't look into the future to see what could happen. Like the conveyor belt stealing their money!

Even while the conveyor belt is moving some people choose to set down their coins and their bills so they can count it out on this magic moving counter. And if the money would get captured by the conveyor belt the customer blames the checker for not catching the money. Although the checker should try to be accommodating to the customer, it is not in their job description to be the common sense police.

The job position of common sense used to be held by the conscience. The conscience used to tell one if what they were doing made sense. However, the conscience was given the boot and for some reason the position is still open. Anyone looking for a job? I know the conscience is. Maybe we should give it its old job back. It has a lot of experience, it proved to be very useful back in the day and everyone benefitted from it. So what's the downside?

To the people who put their money on the conveyor belt: congratulations, you found a new way to throw away money!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Confused Caller

When you are looking for a number for a business in the phone book you see the number, you dial it and then have a conversation when someone answers. I've experienced it on several occasions and heard from others that when you answer the phone at work you say the name of the business and the person on the other end asks a question like, "Is this Frank's Fast Food?" when you literally just said that this is Frank's Fast Food. Don't you know that when you dial a number it connects you directly to that business? And if the restaurant has "buffet" in the title then there will be a buffet! You don't have to ask.

What's even weirder is that I used to work at a restaurant. A couple walk in with their children. The guy asks me, "Is this a restaurant?" How do you respond to that? I should have said, No, this is my house! Get out!

Clearly it was a restaurant. Was it different than they imagined it? Maybe the two young children they had sucked all their energy and combine that with low blood sugar and you will be unable to identify basic buildings and businesses. At least that's what I gathered from the situation.

What is this world coming to when people go out of their way to ask stupid questions? If people stopped to think once in a while we could save all these shenanigans from happening! Are you with me people? (Don't stop to think about that one, just say yes!)

Monday, November 7, 2011

Push or Pull?

Have you every noticed someone trying to open a door the wrong way? I've seen people look at the door and do the opposite of what it says to do. They pull when they are supposed to push.

Is this because people are determined not to be told what to do? I'm not going to have some door tell me what to do. The funny thing is in the end the door gets its way. Maybe this would be a good lesson on how not to be pushed around (great for doors that say "pull" on them).

Is it perhaps confusing to know the difference between push and pull? People confuse left and right all the time. (I didn't get it right until I learnt to drive).

Some people have anxiety when they take a test. Maybe this is a pop quiz they didn't study for and in a wave of self-doubt they choose the wrong answer.

One thing that is confusing is when the door has the handles on the wrong side of the door. The flatter handle you typically push you now are supposed to use for pull and vice versa. I guess some people are too cheap to get a door that makes sense.

What about when you're trying to get to a store and you can only find exit doors? Later you find out the entering doors are located around the corner and downstairs. (True story!)

What else is there to know about doors? Anyone?

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Did I Do That?

I have some fresh stupid! I've been out of town the past week and I've got a humdinger!

Stupid things happen all the time. But what's really stupid is when you catch yourself doing something stupid! Something you thought you would never do. I speak from experience. Here is my story...

We were staying at a hotel some place where I don't know the language. (It's okay, most people there speak English.) We had left our room to get snacks from the vending machine. All was good and well. We had our beverages and our junk food for the evening. We got back in the elevator, pressed a few buttons and started our way up!

The elevator doors opened and we went to our door and tried to open it but it wasn't working. We had trouble with our key cards when we checked in. So naturally I thought something happened again and the card wasn't working. I tried a few more times and it wouldn't work. So my wife tried hers and it still didn't work.

At about this time the door handle started moving by itself. We were both confused. I looked up at the door and saw the number identifying it: 1009. WRONG FLOOR! We were 1109. We ran to the elevators and got in before the person got their door open.

I blame three things: major sleep deprivation, jet lag and the fact that the tenth floor looked just like our floor.

I do want to say sorry to those people who's room we tried to break into thinking it was our own. Hopefully somehow through a cosmic message you will receive this apology. Either that or through Google!

The next evening we were on the other side of the door, quite literally! We were watching a movie on TV when we heard an attempted entry. The door was locked and that latch was able to catch the door if it opened. We were fine. I was waiting to see how quickly they realized they're at the wrong place. Let's just say they caught on quicker than I did! I think they were from a few doors over and possibly may have been a little (or a lot) tipsy.

This situation is not new to me. When my wife and I went to Hawaii someone was determined to believe that our room was their room. I heard a knock on the door. Then there was that moment of who could that possibly be??? I looked through the peephole and saw some lady trying to open the door by the handle. And she wasn't quitting. I decided to open the door (it seemed safe enough). She took about a half step forward and realized it wasn't her room. Without words she looked down to avoid eye contact, turned and continued down the hallway and around the corner. So there I was standing at the open door looking into an empty hallway confused. What are you supposed to do with that?

Can anyone else relate to this?

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