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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Restaurant Rampage

When you're hungry you want to eat. If you're tired and hungry you want the food made for you. So most people grace their presence at a restaurant so they can fulfill their hunger while feeding their laziness. When you enter a restaurant you are considered to be a guest. However, sometimes people are the guests from hell!
I have worked at restaurants and I have a friend who has also had a wealth of restaurant experience. Being a server is not an easy job. Sure, the concept is easy. But carrying out the concept is not so easy.
Maybe you can handle the stress of making sure multiple tables are happy with their service and that their drinks are always full. Maybe you can handle it when the kitchen is being slow and one of your tables has been waiting for their food for more than eight minutes. Maybe you can handle when you drop a tray full of drinks right in front of your first table of the day. But dealing with human interaction when chaos is going on can be the worst!
For example, I have heard many stories of a customer receiving the wrong food. This is probably the most common complaint I have heard at every place I've worked at. There are times where craziness is happening and the wrong meal was given to the guest.
How about this: the server takes the right plate of food and the guest says that this is not what they ordered. So where did things go wrong? Let's see! Let's say the guest orders chicken alfredo penne. The server writes down the order and sends the order to the kitchen. The kitchen then prepares the food for the server to bring to the guest at their table.
And there before the guest is a ravishing plate of chicken alfredo penne. Is it penne? Yes. Is it with alfredo sauce? Yes. Is it with chicken? Yes. So why does the guest say the food is wrong? Perhaps when they ordered it they envisioned something completely different. Perhaps they have a "usual" they order and for once they order something different but out came the usual order (old habits die hard?). Perhaps when they pointed at the picture of food they thought the little red diced food was tomatoes and not red bell pepper. I try to give people the benefit of the doubt, but it is getting harder to believe that certain things people do are actually mistakes.
There are people out there who do this. It happens more often than you think. If you work at a restaurant you know that too many mistakes can get you canned. Now knowing this, don't you think your server wants to get your order right the first time?
Although the restaurant wants to make sure that you have a once-in-a-lifetime experience, they want to do it without being robbed blind! Food costs add up quickly when half the guests are rejecting the food brought to them. Keep that up you won't have a place to eat!
There are times where you should tell your server if something is wrong with your food, but if you changed your mind don't accuse the server of getting the order wrong!
Next time you're at a restaurant, remember that the people working there are trying to make a living. And don't be stupid and "forget" to tip! 

Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year, But still so much stupid!

We're waiting near a corner of two one-way streets. What happened before our eyes? A car turned the wrong way on the one way street! Both lanes had cars approaching this stray car and all I heard next was a horn honking. The stray car pulled over to the side and ducked into a parking lot to turn around.

I don't know about you, but where I live we have a way to tell people that it's a one way road. It's a sign. All people need to do is take half a second out of their life to glance at the intersection to see any important information they might need to know... like "don't go there!!!"
It may be a new year but the stupid is still going strong.

I think the moral of the story is that stupid never rests! First day of the new year and THAT'S what people are doing!

I think for some people this would be a wonderful new year's resolution: open your eyes and pay attention! It could save a life... maybe two!

Happy New Year's!

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